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MTV Cribs: Sydney Sue edition



It's been several months since Sydney Sue moved into his new super-sized mansion. He spends every day slinkin' 'round and patrolling the perimeter of his crib, making sure that no one or no thing will disturb the sanctity of his abode. Today he has agreed to give us a tour of his bodacious new man cave.

Here we have a full view of the south elevation of chez Sydney Sue where we can see his recently excavated tunnel:





The initial tunnel design was completed over the course of several nights. Engineering improvements are made each day.

Here is our gracious tour guide, chillaxin' on the wall above his water dish, modeling his shiny fangs, coxa, sternum and book lungs:


The dirt excavated from the new tunnel has accumulated above the tunnel's entrance and spills over into his water dish. The loosely-packed dirt makes a soft spot for a quick nap:


Here is the entrance to the new tunnel. Before entering, Sydney Sue decides it's time for another brief respite:


The tunnel allows Sydney Sue to stealthily slink below his cork bark hide and plastic tube to his front yard—without being detected by tasty crickets:


The tunnel is also a cozy place for resting:


Upon exiting the tunnel, Sydney Sue enjoys sitting on top of his plastic tube and surveying his domain. It doubles as a perfect napping location:


Here, Sydney Sue shows off his spacious front yard. The front yard is a fantastic area for a variety of activities including sleeping, lounging and napping:


At this point in the tour, Sydney Sue needed to take a moment to stretch his legs. Presenting his awesome man cave has been an exhausting experience and the potential of a sprained trochanter would be a devastating injury requiring weeks—if not months—of napping to repair:


Limber again, Sydney Sue called an end to our tour and headed back to his hide for an evening of restful slumber:


I returned the next day intent on resuming our tour. I discovered Sydney Sue passed out in his dirt-filled water dish:


Bonus photos:

Sydney Sue was slinkin' 'round his house this morning, which presented me with an excellent opportunity to get him out and give him a quick visual exam. He's in fantastic physical health. Look how big he's gotten!

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